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Best online platforms for Freelance Software Consultants

Best online platforms for Freelance Software Consultants

Want to be a Software Consultant and don’t want to leave your job? Or do you have hesitations about starting your Consulting firm? No worries! You have an excellent option – Freelancing! You can do your job and continue to pursue consulting as a part-time option! We have listed a few best websites where you can start off:

To work with Sparehire, you need to have at least two years of work experience. Known as an elite- software, Sparehire has a lot of competition, but you’ll get paid well.

  • Investment Banking
  • Managerial Consultancy
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate Development Associate

managemet services

Flexy offers you a lot of tools to manage your freelancing like it’s a business of your own.

  • IT consultants
  • Management services
  • Creative works
  • Training and Coaching


Expert360 offers permanent jobs as freelancers with them considering your performance.

  • Business Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Deal Advisory
  • Finance
  • Sales and Operations
  • Technology

With a strong presence in Europe, MindBench recruits for the powerhouse firms of The Big 4 (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and EY).

  • Management Consultancy
  • Operational Improvement
  • Supply Chain

Clarity is a startup that provides freelancers with the freedom to charge their rates, albeit under their supervision.


  • Customer Acquisition
  • MarketStrategy
  • User Growth
  • Business Development

If you’re looking forward to providing services to the micro-industries, Blumatter is the right place.

  • Business Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions research
  • Innovation Management
  • Market Research
  • Digital Transformation

Paro provides you with the opportunity to work as an outsourced CFO. It’s one of the first websites to offer this service.

  • Financial Analysts
  • Book-keeping
  • Accountancy

Labmate caters to the need of the biomedical sector. More specifically, faculty, students and graduates get an opportunity to consult.

  • Immunology
  • Virology
  • Pharmacology
  • Molecular Biology

Talent exchange:
It is founded by PwC to outsource their projects to freelance consulters. It’s the first platform that is set up by a company for freelance consulting!

  • Taxation
  • Accounts
  • Analysis of Statements
  • Book-keeping

Pick one that suits your area of interest and set off as a freelance consultant!

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10 best things about Software Consultancy

10 best things about Software Consultancy

At one point in our careers, we all reach that stage where we feel that we need to diversify and set out on our own. We reach that point we’re ready to venture out of our comfort zones and take risks. We have that desire to do something different and make an identity of our own selves, which is why a lot of software professionals are increasingly inclining towards consulting. So what are the 10 best reasons why you need to get into this field, is what we’ve put together in this article:

No special requirements:
You don’t need any specific degree, to begin with, Consulting. Your experience as software developer should suffice.

Personal interaction with clients:
You get the opportunity to interact directly with your clients, and this helps in understanding their needs in a better way. It’s not going to be a typical office environment. And there’s no better way than understanding the issues of your clients from their mouths.

Creativity will come in handy:
If you have unique ways of addressing your client’s needs, Consulting will help you optimise your creative potential. You can use all your distinctness and find perfect solutions for your clients.

Freedom to work:
When you’ve taken up a task, you are free to find best and unique solutions to your client’s issues all by yourself. There will be no rigidity in the way you function.

There will be a lot of fellow consultants who’ll have specialisations in different fields. You’ll get an opportunity to work with such teams collaborating with each one’s uniqueness.

Team Work

More income:
You can make more money than your regular job, of course considering your level of expertise and experience. The growth rate in the income level of consultants is an excellent number.

Flexibility in work:
Flexibility in working hours is an added advantage. You can also work while on the commute or from wherever you want to. And you can space out your work and take your holidays as and when you feel.

Variety of work:
There will be no boredom settling in as you’ll find a lot of diverse work and every day will bring forth a new challenge. This sure will keep you on your toes and make work more interesting.

Never-ending sector:

There was and will always be a lot of scope for growth. And considering the boom in e-businesses, softwares have become all the more important. So yes, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Freelancing is cool:
If you’re freelancing, you’ll be your boss! It’s like starting up your entrepreneurship venture and taking all risks by yourself.

So people consulting is a cool thing to venture into, but remember, it’s no cakewalk! Work hard and only then success will come your way!

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