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Top advice for Software Consultants

You’re leaving your stable, well-paid job in a software firm to make it out on your own. You probably have gauged the risks for yourself, or you may have not. But venturing into the consultancy sector is no cake-walk, especially with this sector booming lately. You need to have your way charted out to survive the competition. But again, higher the risk, higher the returns. So we’ve listed a few things that you should consider as you take this big step ahead:

Not an easy road ahead:
It’s not as easy as it seems to be. You need to be prepared for everything – the probable issues you may face have to be given preference. Deal with the problems and make a plan to keep ones that may show their horns in the future.

Work on a continuous basis:
You will get work on a constant basis only if you prove your mettle. Especially in the initial stages, you have to work hard and mark your presence in the market.

Skills are not enough:
While you may possess exceptional consulting skills, holding the fort by yourself is a tough task. Running a business needs a different skill set. Try to get the hang of at least the underlying nuances of business.

Fix your scope:
Know what area you will be specialising in and what kind of services you want to throw open to the market. It’s essential to have an analysis ready so that you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Work atmosphere:
Working as an employee under someone and setting up your own business are two altogether different ideas. You will be out by yourself taking the burden of risk upon yourself, so be careful at each step.

Proper advertisement:

AdvertisingThe wrong kind of publicity will not help you in getting proper clients. You need to bank upon word-of-mouth publicity the most, followed by social media presence.

Prepare your plan:
Most take an impulsive decision, end up quitting their jobs and begin consulting services overnight. You need to move ahead with a proper plan and keep yourself covered financially.

Join the ICCA:
The Independent Computer Consultants Association is an organisation,  membership of which increases your credibility. Also, many like-minded consultants will become your acquaintances as you attend their meetings and seminars. It will also help you keep up-to-date about all recent developments.

Make sure you take note of these pieces of advice as they will surely help you out while taking the plunge to become a consultant!

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